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  1. Application for tuition & miscellaneous fees exemptions
  2. Student loans-related services
  3. Dream-realized s cholarship program a pplication
  4. Excellent Freshmen Scholarship (Best Academic Performance)
  5. Excellent Freshmen Scholarship (Best Athletic Performance)
  6. Excellent Freshmen Scholarship (GEPT)
  7. Transfer students' tuition and miscellaneous fees exemptions
  8. Athletes' tuition & miscellaneous fees exemptions
  9. Off-campus s cholarship a pplication
  10. Application for on-campus scholarship for emergency aid and scholarship for students in financial need
  11. Work-study a pplication and some related affairs
  12. Poster/Notice Approval and Management
  13. MOE private school's assets and endowment fund (emergency aid, low income families)
  14. National Youth Commission's training guidance-related services
  15. Services for students' self-governed groups
  16. Graduate Student Committee
  17. Student-organized Assembly
  18. Affairs concerning Departmental Student Associations